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KNO Schools, a group of educational institutions, started with the establishment of an international curriculum school in the heart of Al Khabourah wilayat of Oman. Our objective is to provide high quality modern education and instil the new generation with global values while preserving their traditional cultures. 

The core philosophy of KNO Schools stems from the strategic pillars of Oman Vision 2040. 

Since opening, the school has been committed to strengthening its capabilities to empower 
the students and creating the best learning environment.  


Embracing Digital Transformation 
Based on the synergy between tradition and innovation, we believe in using technology to our advantage while adhering to the values of our organisation.

We keep pace with the latest pedagogical and technological developments. By integrating smart systems into our educational operations, we aim at bringing an innovative approach to our teaching and learning practices. 

Knowledge is a Non-ended Obligation 
KNO Schools extends its learning experience beyond classroom walls and school boundaries. We ensure our students and teachers benefit from the quality online resources, supporting apps, skills-building activities and programmes that enrich their overall growth. 
We believe that assigning internationally recognised curricula to talented and dedicated teachers, who can effectively integrate smart solutions within a green and healthy learning environment, is all a perfect mix to students’ performance and successful academic achievement. 

21st Century Skills 
KNO Schools facilitates an environment where students can practice their acquired skills. A set of skill-enhancement activities is developed and implemented. 
We believe that KNO Schools students develop 21st century skills that are needed to become competitive in an increasingly disruptive employment market. Our students are thus prepared to face challenges and be adaptive to the ever-changing environment. 
Our educational pursuits are fast expanding with a few more schools in the pipeline, having contemporary and world-class infrastructure catering to the diverse needs of our students from varied geographies.  


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