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Super Al Polaris is a research-based organization in Artificial intelligence. Based on our research and considering different domains we are designing tools to ensure that Ai can be accessed and used by everybody.

At Super AI, we believe in amplifying human ingenuity with intelligent, new-age technologies, specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI). When designed with people at the center, AI can extend capabilities, free resources for more creative and strategic endeavors, and help organizations and people achieve more. We believe Al holds the power and potential to amplify human ingenuity and extend our capabilities, empowering us to achieve more. Our vision is to bring AI to All.


We began our journey as an applied artificial intelligence organization by teaching students of all ages about Applied Artificial Intelligence in order to help them prepare for the future. We are focusing on three primary categories in education: K12, Higher Education, and Professional Programs, in addition to our enterprise AI solutions.

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